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Will my container planted seeds survive being flooded / heavy rain?

So a few days back i planted a few different herb varietys in small containers with potting mix, today it's rained heavily while i was out and ive come back to the 3 containers flooded with water sitting on the top due to me forgetting to take the drainage plugs out of the containers pre-rain (yeah i know duh me).

I have since unplugged them and all of the excess water has now drained out, i estimate these containers with the seeds would of had surface flood water sitting on the top for about 3 hours or so,

My question is are these seeds now stuffed due to having water flood the top for 3 hours before i unplugged and drained them and do i need to replant? 

Or should they be fine from here? newbie gardener / planter, thanks anyone for advice! (they are coriander, thyme and sweet basils seeds btw, the fourth plant is a spring onion seedling.

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    They should survive being submerged for such a short period, no problem.

    It is possible that the water may have washed the seeds away, however, or at the very least washed the seeds up to one end of the pot, so you may find germination is now patchy. 

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    It's possible they'll recover, all you can do now is wait and see.  Personally I'd sow another lot, then whatever appears from the flooded batch is a bonus!

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