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Chase closed my bank account and is holding my money how can I pay for stuff ?

So chase ended their banking relationship with me, and is sending me a check in the mail with the remaining balance on it. Problem is all my money is in that account, so for the next 10 days or so till a check arrives in the mail, I don’t have any access to any of my money. What can I do, I don’t want to starve 

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    This is why you should have a couple credit cards. Also, if the check has not yet been mailed, go, get it in person (or at least draw out most of the money).

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    Really, that's just too bad. When a bank closes an account of one of their customers it's usually for a very good reason. Repeated overdrafts is probably the cause. 

    You don't have any choice here. You have to wait for your money to arrive. When it does, and you open a new account somewhere else, you need to make sure you have sufficient funds to honor your transactions. All of them. All the time. 

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    Borrow some money from someone, pay it back when you cash the check.  Or pawn something and redeem it when you cash the check.

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    Too bad.  What you did to cause them to close your account is a consequence of your actions.  You will just have to wait until your check comes.  Good luck converting the check into cash.  Since Chase closed your account, no other bank is likely to open a bank account for you, so you won't have another account to deposit the check, unless you already have an account open at another bank, but it sounds like you don't have another one. 

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    Be creative with what you have.  You can make a meal out of what you have. Go to youtube and learn money management.

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    I seriously doubt that you're going to starve.

    Surely you have SOME food in your home that will last you a few days, even if it's dry cereal and potato chips.  And you must have some cash in your wallet that you could spend on cheap groceries.

    If necessary, borrow food or money from a friend or family member who can trust you to pay them back in 10 days.

    If all else fails, go to a food pantry.

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    Pawn shop. But the check probably won't take 10 days.

    If they closed you, you may not be opening another bank account for years.  Bluebird by American express might be your best bet.


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    What did you do to piss off Chase? JP Morgan owns Chase so you also pissed off them folks. Go to the local food bank to keep from starving.

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    Go to a food bank.

    Borrow from friend or family.

    Look in the ashtray of your car and your couch cushions.

    Stand on the street corner with a sign.

    Pawn some of your stuff.

    Take a day labor gig.

    Ask for a payroll advance at work.

    Eat everything that's in your freezer and pantry.   Most people have some food even when they say there's "nothing to eat".

    Check to see if you have any old gift cards or gift certificates laying around. 

    You won't die if you drink water for the next ten days.

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