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POLL: do you believe Bush 41 will go down as one of the most competent 1 term presidents?

Our last WWII combat president during his 4 years he achieved so many things: He signes the americans with disabilities act.He had the international acumen to marshal a world-wide response to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, and when it was over he had the common sense (in spite of a lot of pressure from both Republicans AND Democrats to "finish the job") NOT to invade and occupy Iraq...a mistake his son made later.

Bush also oversaw the dismantling of the U.S.S.R. and helped arrange it so that the breakaway republics did not end up with their own nuclear arsenals, thus leading to ICBM's in the possession of very shaky governments. I think he will go down as our most competent 1 term president. RIP mr. President (1924-2018) we sure we would need you right now

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    I believe so, what made him a one term guy is the conservatives, not the liberals.

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    No I don’t, but I’m old enough to remember him, and messes he left behind. 

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