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Struggle to forgive what my boyfriend did before we were together. ?

We’ve always been close, really good friends since 12. We started dating halfway through being 18 and have been together ever since. At the beginning of the year, BEFORE we were together, he invited his friend over to MY house one night whilst I was out, I asked him not to. Whilst he was there he made out with his ‘friend’ and did a bit of groping or whatnot - not the whole shabang or anything but it was a betrayal of my trust. On MY bed. Whilst I was out he basically tried ordering me to get him and her food from McDonald’s. After a bit of too and fro I said I’d grab them a snack from Sainsbury’s but nothing more. He completely disrespected me and said that wasn’t good enough. I had an exam the next day. I struggle to forgive and forget 100%. It was a betrayal of my trust and I couldn’t believe it. Thoughts?


Other than me she was the only person he ever did anything with. They never had sex, just fooled around. She left her boyfriend for him but he said he wanted to just be friends. Shortly after he cut off contact with her and later on pursued me. 

Thank you for your answers

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    He betrayed your trust and THEN you became a couple and NOW you are concerned?

    In your bed?

    I would not be able to get past the betrayal.

  • 2 months ago

    Then why did you start dating him a year later if you were that betrayed and (still) bothered by what he did?

    My thoughts - either move on and forget about it or end the relationship. I think it would be stupid to end the relationship for this reason but if you simply cannot forgive and forget then maybe you just have to. I really think you should just forgive and forget it.

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