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How do you know it’s time to go see a therapist? What are some signs?

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    In a nutshell, when you're having trouble coping, getting along in daily life. If you mean anxiety or depression, Signs of an anxiety disorder below. A depression screening test online - CESD R.

    Treatment usually begins by seeing the GP, who can give you a referral. I mention referral because just a bottle of pills is not a very good approach. The things you'd want to tell the doctor are how you feel at different times of day, any symptoms you might have such as change in appetite or sleep, and things in your life affecting how you feel. 

    If you're depressed, I can't tell you exactly what you need. There's no one size fits all solution. I can tell you though that there are healthy lifestyle choices that can enhance the effects of the standard treatments with office visits. You're welcome to click on my name and read. 

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    Regardless of the signs, individuals go to therapy because they want help in changing the way they think, feel, and behave because their current ways are not working for them anymore, and they are dissatisfied with their life. 

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    If your depressed a lot, dont talk with friends, stay home alone, dont eat much, very lonely

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  • when you are feeling depression and are struggling with day to day life.

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    If it were me advising a friend or family member, I'd suggest it's when your problem is interfering with your day to day life.

    It impacts you at work.

    It causes your romantic relationships to suffer or prevents them from happening, or ends them.

    It causes tension within your family or household.

    It keeps you from making or keeping friends.

    It's the reason you hide from the world, staying home too much.

    It means you don't take care of yourself or the place where you live.

    You're really unhappy, or anxious, or angry...

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