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Can someone help me with chemistry?

Hydrogen atom

c. Calculate the energy for each of the lines in the Lyman series that you identified in the last answer. (Recall that the energy of the light emitted represents the difference between two energy states of the atom.)

d. Calculate the wavelength from the energy for each of the lines in part c. 

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    I do not know what information you have to start your calculation. Assuming it is the frequency, then the key equation to calculate the energy is this:

    E = hν

    where h = Planck's Constant and ν is the frequency. The unit on h will be Joule sec and the unit on the frequency will be sec^-1.

    To calculate the wavelength from the energy, consider this second equation:

    λν = c

    where c = the speed of light in m/s, λ is the wavelength in meters and ν is the frequency.

    Substitute one into the other to obtain:

    E = hc / λ

    Here are some sample problems:

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