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How can I make my curly hair healthier?

My hair is 2a-2b curls, I brush it every morning and never get it trimmed. I know you aren't supposed to brush curly hair, but it's so tangly in the morning if I don't brush it, and honestly I just want it out of my way. I've been losing more hair than usual though and my hair is feeling dry, frizzy, and it's not a soft-healthy feeling. Everyone has always told me my hair is really nice, but I've noticed a slight change in health of it. Should I get my hair trimmed? Should I find some curly products? (I still haven't found any that work for me so I don't use anything) Should I use mayo, eggs, coconut oil and some other things as a mask twice a week? I already sleep on a silk pillowcase and try to be gentle with it when coming out of the shower. I wash it about 3 times a week. 

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  • I know it may sound weird but you shouldn't brush curly hair, specially when you come out of a shower. Use a wide tooth comb and a leave in conditioner (along with your regular conditioner, curly hair can be dryer then other hair types) then comb your hair out when you shower. 

    Yes you should get a good hair cut, by some one that has experience cutting curly hair. That can be life changing to some one with curly hair, getting a trim / hair cut can help bring out the curls. You should invest in an anti frizz product, some curl cream and some thing to hold your curls in place. You should consider using products that are meant for curly hair, when you want to wear it curly.

    All I use is coconut oil about once or twice a month, or a deep conditioner. My hair is about 2b curly. 

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