Do SSI recipients get more money after they have a child?

I started receiving SSI in 2010. I was getting $400. Because I lived with my parents. Then I moved out because I had a child, in 2011. When I was pregnant, SSI told me I would be losing some money because I will be having a child. In 2012 when I was filing for child support. A lawyer told me I should be getting way more because I have a child. And that SSI are ripping me off. Over the years I have been told the same thing. I am asking you all what is the real answer? Thank you your time. Also when my child’s father works I get $20 a week. If he doesn’t work I get nothing. Thank for your time. 

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  • Judith
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    3 months ago

    No.  SSI (supplemental security income) is a federal WELFARE program which ONLY pays benefits to people who are either over age 64 (SSI Aged) or to people who are disabled (SSI disability).  It does NOT pay dependents.

    No one loses money because they have a child; no one who works for social security would tell you that.   You must have misunderstood something.  If you get child support that is the child's income - not yours - so it has no impact on the amount of your monthly SSI benefit.

    The payment rate for SSI is based upon two things and two things only:  1) Living arrangements and 2) Countable income.

    The current payment rate of $783 is paid to people who either live in their own household or they live in the household of another and pay their share of expenses.  The payment rate of $522 is the amount paid to a person who lives in the household of another and doesn't pay their share of expenses.

    Once the living arrangement rate is determined it is then reduced by the receipt of any other income except for the $20 general disregard.  So if you would have income of $200 then your SSI benefit of either $783 or $522 would be reduced by $180.  Remember, child support you receive for your child doesn't affect YOUR benefit and it isn't income you are required to report to SSI when they do your yearly review of income, resources and living arrangements..

    Your lawyer is confusing SSI with social security.  SSI isn't social security.  Social Security does pay additional benefits for children.  You don't get social security because you didn't work and pay social security taxes long enough.

    I was a SS claims rep for 32 yrs.

  • 3 months ago

    SSI does not increase when you have a child.  You get child support from the father, the taxpayers do not pay to support the child.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    The handout is based on household income.  If you get child support, that reduces the handout.

    I would retain the lawyer who told you you "should be getting way more because you have a child" and let that attorney figure out and represent you in Court.

    That's not my understanding of the law.

  • 3 months ago

    If this is SSI (not SSID) you will not get more because you have a child.  Legally the child's father is required to provide you with child support.  If you are not collecting this regularly, you need to take him to court for enforcement.  You cannot expect the tax payer to support his child. 

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