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a physics question?

A child drags two boxes (112kg and 95.1kg) behind her bicycle as shown below. If she pulls the boxes with a force of 123 Newtons, what is the tension in the string that connects the boxes? 

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    F(net) = F(applied)

    (m₁+m₂)a = F(applied)

    a = F(applied) /(m₁+m₂)

    T = m₁a

    T = m₁F(applied) /(m₁+m₂)

    T = (95.1 kg)(123 N)/(95.1 kg + 112 kg)

    T = 56.5 N

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    I would have to know string strength...  Can be easily measured by a tension meter... or I can spend time pencil and paper...   1 hour...

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