Can someone help me write a scene for someone falling on a car?

I’m writing a story but I don’t know how to write falling scenes. Here’s the information: A girl was choked to death by the hands of another girl on an overpass and the victim is pushed off the overpass and crashes on a lonely white car, at nighttime. Then the killer runs away after seeing the passenger and the driver in the car get out and call 911. Could someone be wiling to write this scene for me...? Thanks ^.^

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    If the car was doing 30mph or more the body would go through the windshield.  

    There was a raccoon on top a garbage truck on a city highway,  everyone was doing maybe 40mph on that stretch.  It decided to jump to the car behind the truck.  Yeah it made it, the 20lb raccoon went right through the windshield and knocked out the driver,  the drivers son had to grab the wheel and pull his dad's foot off the gas, and get the car to the side of the road without hitting anyone.  The driver needed stitches and lost some teeth,  had 2 black eyes and a broken nose. 

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