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How to let go of people who hurt you?

This group of friends I had all decided to gang up on me. One of them was hassling my sister because he wanted to date her and I told him to leave her alone. As a result they started ignoring me and saying hurtful things. The dude told me that, because I told him to leave her alone, he went home and hurt himself. They all said it was my fault and that I was a horrible person.

I tried to cut them out in retaliation and I said some things that I regret but then tried to apologize. They just used it as fuel to make me even more miserable.

I have blocked them and I don't see them anymore, but they keep creating new accounts on social media in order to stalk me and no matter how many I block, they make more.

My sister says I should just ignore them, let them look at my stuff and see that I'm over it. But I'm afraid. They told a whole bunch of my friends that I was a horrible person and I lost a lot of friends as a result. I don't want to lose more friends and I'm afraid they'll come at me again for no reason.

How do I stop caring about them even though they might make my life miserable again?

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    🥴 Deary... true friends dont abandon you. That means they werent friends to begin with.

    You did right. Cut them off.

  • First off...they're not your friends.  They never were your friends.  Friends don't do this.  Stop caring about these people because they surely don't care about you.  Cut ties.  Move on.  The guy who hurt himself has only himself to blame (and guys that do this crap often end up committing domestic violence).

    Second...if they keep creating accounts, report them.  Make note of their different account names.  Cyberstalking is a real thing.  Turn your social media accounts private (for Instagram it means only your followers would be able to see your stuff).

    Third...if they continue to harass then swear out protective/non-contact order with police.  You'll need notes, dates, times, screen names.  Point out in your complaint that you're fearful of retaliation and that they have have made threats.  Then when they start doing things like trying to get jobs, they will find out that restraining/protective order has consequences.

    Fourth...if you're of age, consider moving to another part of the country.  Not kidding.  Sometimes, you move to a new part of your country/world.  It's a chance to start fresh and leave these people where they belong (in your rear view mirror, never to be seen/heard from again).

    Don't tell them this, but your messaging to them should be summed up thusly: f*** around and find out.

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    Take down, or stop using all of your social media. Change your phone number. Forget about them, and no you were not the cause of the mental idiot who cut himself. Sounds like all of your ex friends are a bunch of snow flakes.

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    do what i do. ignore them. simple and done. they'll soon be a memory. don't let this affect your mental health. get rid of them now so you can be happier sooner. 

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