How do I live my authentic life in a small town without everyone finding out.?

How do I live my authentic life in a small town without everyone finding out... I could lose my license, job and career if I was truly honest with myself.  I admitted to myself this summer at age 60+ that I am bi and yet am still a virgin.  I have my sights set on a younger man who doesn't have any idea of my desires... I really want to experience sex once before death.

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    1 month ago

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  • 2 months ago

    Start by not living in a small town surrounded by small minds. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Thanks for the great info - however, a trip to a city with such organizations would be at least 5 hours... I am also skiddish about answering ads for guys who want to hook up... The young man in question is a good friend and will graduate in June at the age of 19... I think he would be open enough for at least a coming out session with me, but not sure how far he would let me go.  That wouldn't crush me or our friendship.  I am his mentor and he has no idea that I am gay/bi or interested... but I have planned out an informative session with him at least 10 times in my mind... I pray that I have the guts to follow through.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Edit: I would ask you to rethink the idea of going for this young man who you are not even sure is gay or bi. That could really blow up your life. I remember being 19 and scared of sex beyond anyone over 22 or 25. And you are 60+. Maybe it might be smarter to focus on people you have more of a chance with. People nearer your age. You can out your self to the young man. But if he says he is straight - that’s it. You’ll still be able to be friends if you didn’t say you wanted him. You’d have to move on. A straight guy that is told a gay guy has a crush on him will usually just phase him out. Only if he says he is gay or bi would you then see if the interest might be mutual. Granted some younger people are into older guys. Then again some younger guys are only in to older guys for their wallets. 

    As for answering adds - When you do meet up with people you never do it directly at your place or theirs. You pick a coffee shop or restaurant and talk first. You can arrange it so that the first meeting is just to meet and that only on the 2nd or 3rd meeting would it actually be at someone’s place or a hotel. 

    I really advise you to reach out to lgbt groups in your area first. Even if it’s just virtual. A lgbt community center, maybe a pro lgbt church or meditation circle, volunteer for a charity. Maybe an lgbt rec league or book club. Many medium sized towns have some of these.

    And make the drive to the big city. Spend the night. Do it a few times a year. Or just take a vacation in a gay friendly area - something with a bath house. Maybe some place with some male strippers and you can pay for some lap dances.


    You’d be surprised, I bet a lot of people have you figured out. And they still all love you. Take baby steps. You don’t have to do it all at once. Also the country is more accepting now. Network with existing lgbt groups near you. That might mean doing that with the lgbt groups in the nearest big city to you. Maybe take a weekend in a city with a big neighborhood once in a while. Hit the gay bars. Maybe go on some dates. Or try out a bath house. Read up on the gay rights movement, familiarize your self with current issues. Read some coming out stories. Build up a network of other lgbt people.

    With regard to the young man - are you sure he is in to guys? And if so, is he in to older guys? Normally you out your self to someone first. Then if they out back you can see if there is a mutual attraction. Just because a guy is gay or bi does not mean he wants any guy with a pulse - we all have standards and preferences. This is kind of why I suggested you involve yourself with some lgtb groups first. Make some freinds in a supportive environment. Have a base of people you can network and talk with and share experience and ask questions to. 

    It might not be so bad as you think in that small town. But if it is - move to a more accepting place. There are plenty of people around who have been there and done that. No need to reinvent the wheel. Let your self be helped.

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