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How do I start looking and feeling better?

I am a 29 year old female. In the past 4 months I found my partner dead and had to move home due to a rat infestation in my building. I do not have a lot of family support as I was raised by my grandmother who passed 8 years ago, I do not see my dad often and my mum has been an addict since I was a child. I have a half sister I see now and again and a friend I grew up with. I have lost a lot of weight through grief and stress, I am trying my best to get up in the mornings and carry on through my day. My appetite comes and goes along with my motivation to do things. I sit and cry a lot. I have dark circles under my eyes, I am pale and thin and feel defeated. What can I do to get myself back to looking and feeling good? 

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  • First off, I'm sorry for your circumstances and having to find your partner dead.  This is a lot for anyone to deal with, much less someone without the support network.

    It starts with routine.  Make yourself get up (set an alarm) at a set time every day.  Eat three small but balanced meals a day.  Go for a short walk (10-15 minutes) in the morning and evenings.   It's good for you and it will help you get your rhythms back.  Shower daily.  Get dressed as if you were going to work/school.  Give yourself a list of things (write them down) every day.  

    These are baby steps but they will help you get back into a normal routine.  The rest will find its way.  Good luck.

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     You’re gonna need a complete change in mental thinking zx

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    Join a gym if you can afford it, working out on a treadmill or in general boosts energy and releases endorphins which will put you in a better mood. Sitting around stagnat is bad for you and your body. Working on yourself instead of seeking others will increase your confidence and overtime you will feel more positive and strong enough to engage people 

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