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Isn't my doctor obligated to help me live as comfortably as possible pain free while dying?

I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer and my doctor refuses to give me better pain reliever to address my pain. I can't live in this condition 24/7. He doesn't give a sh @t about me. What can I do about him 

I had a zoom meeting with him the other day and I told him the horrible unbearable pain I was in and asked him to prescribe me a more powerful pain medication but he refused and told me that Id have to stick it out? After are meeting he made it clear our session was over but refused to say good bye to me after as he just sat there just looking at me. I decided to say good bye after a while then he said good bye. It is obviously he doesn't give a sh @t about me. What kind of doctor is this?

Who can turn him into?


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    1 month ago

    Call Hospice.  In many towns/cities, Hospice has a place for terminal people to go to until they pass.  While, in one of these places, they will give you really strong pain medication.  If your town/city does not have a Hospice place.........then call Hospice and they will send someone to your home.

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    most doctors dont give a schitt about people in pain

  • Andy C
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    No.  They took an oath to always do no harm.   Doctors are us old people and Zoom is new to us, so give us a little leeway as we didn't grow up with an internet,  nonetheless tele-medicine. 

    Your doctor is doing right by you.  You need to go to a pain clinic to learn how to cope without drugs that will alter who you are all the way to the end.

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    So sorry that you’re sick and dying. Must be a scary and rough time for you. Maybe go into the walk in clinic and get meds from there 

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  • 2 months ago

    Sign up for hospice care. 

    They will come to your house as needed and provide you options for pain management.

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    obligated legally no. You can find another doctor or with cancer you usually have a team with social services or pain management. Or even hospice care.

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