Would bedbugs get to my new house ? ?

I got annoying bedbugs in my home ,to me it looks like they lives in wood  in my home ,so i am shifting to new home ,will they also get there ,as far as i know they hide in my clothes and many other things ,since i have to take these things they will also invade my new house ,what should i do to not take them with me , even though if they somehow get there and i kill them ,will they produce more ,because here in my current home when i kill them they comeback from wood .

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    6 days ago

    Removals Redditch can help.

  • 2 months ago

    Yes, they travel in cloth and wood (clothes and furnature).   Clothes you can throw in a dryer for 45 minutes to cook them buggers.   Furnature is harder- I freeze them out by going south in the winter and letting my house get to -10 for a few months.

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    2 months ago

    Read what one family did.  They tore out their carpet and put down tiles on the floor.  Or wood slats.  They removed the curtains and throw pillows.  They got a water bed and got rid of the mattress.  In their bed was lots of bugs.  They sprayed it and cleaned it and took their clothes to the laundry and washed them all and dryed them.  Making sure there was not a lot of laundry or towels or clothes laying around.  The windows had blinds and they scrubbed them down after they removed the curtains.  They mopped the floors with strong detergent.  No rugs or bath mat or even a table cloth on the wood table.  They finally got rid of them.

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