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Is it wrong for a person to tell someone with OCD/Aspergers who keeps walking right behind him, “Stop following me, or I’ma kick your a$$”?

This incident occurred while a maintenance employee was making his rounds in an office he was scheduled to do work at.  Therefore, he doesn’t work at that location.  Eventually, he blew his top, due to the employee there (person responsible for escorting maintenance to each area) who kept following him.  But he was taking it to the extreme, not letting him breathe.  So he flipped out on employee with the above threat.  The employee just walked away instead of standing up for himself, as he acts very timid.  Not to sound mean, and please don’t take this the wrong way, but I felt no sympathy for him in that situation... because he comes off as very condescending and rude.  Due to his possible Aspergers, he probably doesn’t understand social situations.  Even the supervisor is fed up with him, because he whines and pouts every time he has to perform a certain task.  He acts like a prima donna, and will weasel his way out of doing said task, getting someone else to do it.  Was he in the wrong for treating the maintenance man like a suspect?

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    2 months ago

    Wrong. At some point, mentally ill behavior does not have to be tolerated. No maintenance employee is irreplaceable.

  • The maintenance man could have asked nicely to please stand by the door or give you some space so you can do your job. It's never okay to tell someone that I'm going to do bodily harm to him. In that situation, the OCD guy might be overwhelming but he's doing what he's asked of him but you are breaking the rules.

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