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  • 2 months ago

    First we need to figure out a fraction for each case, then convert it to a percentage. I'll help you out with a few of these, but I think you can do the last couple on your own, so you learn how to do it yourself.

    PART A:

    What percentage rated the detergent Fair or Good.

    Looking at the totals, 37 said "Fair" and 50 said "Good". That's 87 people out of a total of 212 people that took the survey.

    The fraction is:


    To turn that into a percentage, first divide the two numbers to get a decimal:

    87/212 ≈ 0.41037735849

    To turn the decimal into a percentage, move the decimal point two places to the right and add a percent sign:

    ≈ 41.037735849%

    They might want you to round that to the nearest whole percent.

    About 41%

    PART B:

    What percentage evaluated detergent A?

    Looking at the totals at the end of each detergent, we can see that 40 consumers evaluated detergent A. That's still out of 212 people.

    Fraction = 40/212

    Decimal = ?

    Percentage = ? 

    I'll leave the last steps to you.

    PART C:

    Same method as A. I'm assuming the 3 rankings (Average, Fair, Good) are part of what is "Average or better".

    PART D:

    Same method as B. Again, I'm assuming that Poor is below average.

    P.S. C and D are opposite cases; make sure they add up to 100%

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