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Could my ear buzzing be from jaw clicking ?

My jaw has been clicking when I open it for over a year dentist basically said lots of people have it telling me to try using a night guard which I used while it was hurting. It hurt at first but hasn't hurt for a long time. My ears have been constantly making a buzzing noise for over a month now it's driving me nuts. I tried to Google stuff it's likely Tinnitus but I also seen jaw misalignment can cause Tinnitus. Could my jaw popping noise be jaw misalignment? And could it be causing my ear buzzing? Would it be another waste of time to mention it to any doctor? I'm not really worried about the jaw as it doesn't hurt (still clicks when opening it) but the buzzing noise is annoying as heck making it hard to sleep with even five fans on (none facing me) 

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    This is tinnitus, a condition that causes distracting tones when the person isn't talking or listening to something. However, this ringing can also be a symptom of TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder. Because afflictions of the jaw can affect hearing, TMJ can result in tinnitus for some people.

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