You can use a _______________ tag to populate a <div>.  A - <iline>  B - <form>  C - <iframe>  D - <form>?

You can use a _______________ tag to populate a <div>.

 A - <iline>

 B - <form>

 C - <iframe>

 D - <form>

1 Answer

  • Chris
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Weird question.

    <iline> doesn't exist, so definitely not A.

    B and D are the same...?

    But yeah, you can put both a <form> and an <iframe> into a <div>.

    Also the word "populate" is usually not used in this context at all? It's usually about generating HTML, like <li> elements from JS data.

    So taken this nonsense question at face value, the answer is B, C, D and "what the hell was the person asking this thinking?"

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