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Feeling the urge to start restricting again. Help?

I (17 female) have gone through about 15 of these cycles where I'll restrict for as long as I can (usually a week) before I cave and start to enjoy food again (not binge, but allow myself treats like normal). However, my restricting sometimes starts with a comment from my mom about how I'm 'always eating.' Interestingly, it ends with her telling me that I'm not fat and should enjoy treats. It's so confusing. Sometimes the restricting cycle just starts with me hating my body (I'm 5'3" and 130 so on the heavier side). I run 7 miles a day (I'm on running team at school) yet I'm one of the heavier athletes on the team. 

I don't think I have an eating disorder but sometimes when I'm in the thick of the restriction my thoughts feel so real and I am so determined to reach 115 lbs. But somehow I am able to snap out of it (even after getting down to 124 lbs) and slowly the weight comes back and I don't really care. But now it's bothering me again.

I don't know what to call this. Sadly, it's probably normal-ish. 

The worst is when others start losing weight (or even gaining weight) which inspires me to start dieting. 

I don't know what to do. I've made up my mind to start dieting after Thanksgiving. 

Can anyone else relate?

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  • Andy C
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    3 months ago

    You are likely to casually dismiss this answer, though it's what you are actually looking for. 

    There's no urge if you weren't fat.  You feel fat because your insides ARE fat and part of your brain knows that something is wrong. 

    It's your diet.  YOUR particular diet of binging and restricting (yes,  you are binging) is bad enough and will ONLY result in fat gain and muscle loss, but the American diet (what you likely eat) that is actually killing you. 

    So, here's how I seemingly instantly CURED my fatness, blood stats,  liver and BODY DYSMORPHIA:

    Eat ONLY whole foods and drink ONLY water, unsweetened teas and unflavored milk for the rest of your life. 

    This is NOT a diet,  but rather a dietary correction. 

    You see,  the typical American/Western diet includes added sugars and white flour products and those are 85% of why obesity,  why most heart disease,  as well as why so much anxiety,  depression and eating disorders plague our society. 

    I hope you aren't sick enough yet to remain curious...

    Source(s): "Fat Chance..." and "The Hacking of the American Mind" by Dr. Robert Lustig, M.D.
  • Foxy
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    3 months ago

    BMI calculator says your healthy weight for the height (5' 3'') is around 104.4 lbs to 141.1 lbs. It indicates that you are not overweight at 130 and at 124 you are at your perfect point, neither overweight nor thin.

    I believe that you are doing the perfect things. Exercise, eat healthy but without exaggeration, eating what you like. Your body by itself will tell you what weight it feels better at, 124 or 115. The body is not interested in aesthetics, it just wants to be healthy.

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