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Did they not have SURVEILANCE CAMERAS in the vote counting centers? (if not, why not? why they cannot see the fraud going on? if any)?



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  • Tmess2
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    2 months ago
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    Every state does things differently.  And in many states, every jurisdiction does it differently.  Ultimately, it is a resource questions.  Like it or not, people who want to cut every tax leave their local and state governments with very little money.  And the money that is available tends to go to things that occur every day -- like education, police protection, and fire protection, rather than things that occur only once or twice a year like elections.  That is one reason why voting machines are only updated every fifteen to twenty years in most counties.

    Most vote counting in this country occurs in the individual precincts as you run your ballot through the optical scanner on the top of the ballot box or conclude your vote on a touch-screen device.  At the end of the day, the total vote from that machine is recorded on the equivalent of a jump drive which is then downloaded into an air-gapped county-wide machine that stores and accumulates the results from each precinct.  

    Because each votes ballot is supposed to be secret, we will never put a camera in a position where it can see how each voter voted.  Instead, we have election judges from both parties (and observers from any party that wants to send observers) at each precinct and counting center.  Each "team" is composed of one judge from both parties.  Both judges have to agree that a voter is a registered voter before a voter is given a ballot (or the device that allows them to use a touch-screen voting machine).  For mail-in and provisional votes, both judges have to agree that mail-in or provisional vote is valid before it goes into the stack to be counted.  

    So far in the states that have done recounts or audits (again using counting teams composed of one judge from each party), there has been no significant deviation in the recounts (other than discovering a couple of precincts which were not originally counted which should have been caught by the Republican official running elections in those counties) from the original machine counts.   

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    Even if they had in place, the level of this corruption would have conveniently claimed were inoperable, malfunctioned, etc., etc. Trump WILL remain President, just a matter of how many seats these dipchits cost themselves in the House for getting in bed with the Extreme lefties and then throwing them under the bus immediately following the vote.  LOL!! Poll watchers were blocked in states in question, were even putting up cardboard to stop them. Numerous videos on internet showing it. Don't use Google, Twitter or Facebook, they're censoring it as much as they can. All good, they're day is coming!!! Their *** is grass and Trump is mowing!!

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    They live streamed the counting 

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    I'm sure they did, and they also had poll watchers. There was no fraud. UPDATE: Just googled this, and Maricopa county does. I assume every state in the union did.

    "Maricopa County has ten different camera angles for their tabulation center, including vantage points from all four points of entry and two cameras ..." (The tabulation center is where they count votes.)

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  • 2 months ago

    There is no fraud. Representatives from both parties are present during the counting.

    Trump lost.

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