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Should I be concerned about this serious matter?

About 3 months ago, one night I felt something in my throat, I thought I may have swallowed a big gulp of hair, but I don't think so anymore, anyways I tried everything and it didn't work.. like I can't eat because of how uncomfortable this is, or swallow.. it makes me gag. I need help, like I don't think this is healthy, I've contacted my doctor and he gave me a x-ray.. and nothing showed up. This isn't in my mind like for real, this has been going on for months. If I can't get a normal eating schedule its just- do you guys have any ideas what I can do and what it is? I've done throat massages.

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  • 2 months ago

    you need to be referred to an ENT (ear, nose and throat doctor).  this is not normal.  they can put a scope down your nose or in your throat and see things that an xray can't.  i think you need a specialist.  call your regular doctor and say that you need a referral to an ENT doctor.  good luck i hope it's not what it sounds like

    Source(s): i'm an RN
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