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Why am I seeing higher number on scale?

Last Wednesday my digital scale showed 233 and now it showing 238 on Monday.  I don't know what's the problem I want really overeating on weekend 

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    Weight is constantly changing slightly.  

    You need to be CONSISTENT in how and when you check your body weight.  For example - if you check your weight when you get up in the morning - then you should ALWAYS make that the time of day you check your weight.  (it is actually the best time to check)  When you eat and drink all day - your body is processing what you eat and drink and you will have TEMPORARY weight gain that will process off again just from the body using what you have ate.  If you weigh yourself in the morning (after peeing and before eating) and then weigh yourself at the end of the day - you will very likely get two different weights with the evening weight being anything between 2 to 5 pounds higher than the morning weight.  But - the next morning - your weight would have dropped again because the body finished processing whatever you had ate from the day before.

    Next - home scales can have slight variances.  If you are not placing the scale in the EXACT same place on the floor - just slight variations in the floor beneath the scale can cause a slight difference in what the scale reads.  If you want to test this - move the scale to different rooms and weigh yourself in each room.  It is likely you will get at least two different numbers.

    Also - if you are female - you need to consider that your weight will go up slightly right before your period due to fluid gain and slight bloating that often happens with a period.  This is also temporary and drops back off by the end of the period.  

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    Because you have gained weight.

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