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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome  (FAS) ?

  I am curious to see if it is possible to misdiagnose Fetal Alcohol syndrome (FAS). I am also wondering if there there is a high and low spectrum like there is with autism and Aspergers.

  I am wondering because I was diagnosed when I was young and many of the symptoms or problems that people with FAS I have overcome and no longer have, such as poor coordination or balance, difficulty identifying consequences of choicespoor judgment skills, Trouble getting along with others, and other things. I currently have a successful job, recently graduated with a bachelor's degree and I live independently. 

Any information would help. Thanks.

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    Is it possible to misdiagnose? Of course, that's always a possibility. Do disorders like FAS exist on a continuum, again, of course. Is there a possibility of having a diagnosis at one point in your life and not another point? Also, yes. 

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    Good for you for getting over it. You probably know more about it than most of us do, but as far as I know it is a spectrum, so you might be on the mild end of it, or you might have worked hard to get past it. 

    Physical exercise is a great help to the brain, and so are things like balance practice standing on a balance board etc, to help the limbic system. Get as much physical exercise as you can and keep doing what you are doing. 

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