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Is the French passport at the end worth joining the FFL as a non French  speaker? What if your CO’s are a bunch of tossers ?

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  • Zirp
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    2 months ago

    probably not. It depends where you are coming from. If you come from an african hellhole without any education, maybe.

    Most people prefer the civilian way to get the nationality:learn French, live and work in France for some years, get naturalised.

    What do you mean "non-French-speaker"? French is the only working-language of the Foreign Legion. You can sign up without knowing French, but all orders and instructions will be in French.

    and yes, the officers will be tossers. It takes a "special" kind to lead a platoon or company of disposable soldiers into battle

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If you want a French passport quickly then it’s one of the most difficult ways to do it.

    Most soldiers in most armies throughout history have regarded their Commanding Officers with disdain. But that’s because squaddies love to moan.

    The FFL reject 9 out of 10 applicants before they’re accepted for enlistment: they carry out thorough psychological testing, tests of your motivation, and they carry out an in-depth background check. Whatever name you wish to be known as for “administrative purposes”, you MUST reveal your real identity. If you’re wanted for a serious crime like rape, murder, armed robbery and so on then they notify Interpol and hold you securely until you can be extradited. If you’re running from debts or a minor criminal record then they might still accept you. 

    You then get just 4 month to learn basic operational French. During that time you’ll be fully immersed in that language with two other recruits, and one will be a French-speaker. Although that recruit may also be learning French if his version is a foreign version with different words or strongly different pronunciation. You’re not allowed access to the internet and your phone is confiscated during that time. If at the end of the 4 months you cannot speak and understand French adequately then you’re out. 

    Basic training is *much* harsher than for most other armies. Expect pain and humiliation. They really go to town in instilling premium physical fitness and utterly unquestioning obedience. The entire point of the FFL is that they are considered to be disposable troops. To that end it’s drilled into you that whether you die today or in eighty years time is immaterial. If you’re ordered into what appears to be an unsurvivable position you are expected to obey. FFL soldiers have a long history of doing exactly that.

    One example is jumping from aircraft at extreme low level: during wartime FFL will, if so ordered, jump without parachutes directly into tree canopies as the aeroplane flies just above the jungle/forest canopy. A move so dangerous and with such a high casualty rate that no other army does it, and even the FFL doesn’t teach soldiers how to do that as survival is pure luck.

    Only 1 in 12 soldiers complete their first six year contract. Some are killed, some are too injured to continue, most get thrown out mostly during initial training. 

    After 3 years service you can apply for a French passport and it will usually be granted automatically. At the end of six years service you will automatically gain a French passport anyway but these days it has to be in your real name. If at any point during your service you are injured whilst on deployment then you can get a French passport under their “spilt blood for France” rule which was informal but became law only a relatively few years ago. Obviously silly things like a minor cut or a sprained ankle don’t count.

    The point of so much detail is to show you that any “attitude” you start with will be throughly beaten out of you. If it doesn’t then the problem resolves itself with you being discharged. So either way, it’s not a problem if you think that your CO’s are a bunch of tossers.

  • 2 months ago

    No idea what FFL or CO means. I can tell you that many people in the US have EU passports, and have been planning to use them, depending on the last election. Many Brits are buying old French chateaux and fixing them up. It's always good to have an influx of money. 

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