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Need help with naming my character?

I need a civilian name for an OC superheroine. 

Character Description:

My character is a young strong female first nations indigenous canadian superheroine from Canada. She has long black hair and brown eyes. She's 20 years-old. She possesses chlorokinesis, can throw vine whips, can control and manipulate nature.  She's a very calm, mature, soft-spoken, caring, sweet, shy and genuine girl who loves plants and vegetation of all kinds.

You can also add last names for her too.

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    Purita Everglade

    Shamrock (shade of green)

    Juniper (shade of green)

    Flora or Fauna (oceanic nature stuff)

    Sorry, I am out of ideas, but I’m glad I remember I looked up an image of shades of green. There are some other cool nature-themed names upon a little research you can do, if you don’t like any of the names above. It is free, no money necessary. :) Have fun and hopefully you choose something.

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    Liana, Flora, Petal, Patience, Meridian

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    No one:

    Anonymous: Need help with naming my character?

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    Nope, sorry. It's your story so use your own imagination and come up with your own name. Otherwise, offer money. Paypal accepted. 

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