Is it homophobic to want to see a study if there aren't any negative effects on adopted children by same sex couples?

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I had a conversation with my bf about same sex couples adopting children and he said 

"if there aren't any negative effects on the child they can adopt." 

"are there any studys about that? I want to see if there are no negative effects"

I then told him that with sentences like these he implies that the child might be negatively affected by their parents sexuality which is homophobic. Why should they be? He doesn't ask for studys of men/woman couples or mothers/fathers raising their child alone~ 

When i asked him for his reasoning he told me

 " the mother and father teach their child different things, which is important"

 "the child might get bullied"

But bullying the child has nothing to do with the parents and everything with the homophobic society, so why should we deny same sex couples to adopt ?? Wouldn't that just strengthen homophobic beliefs?? 

Please let me hear your opinion~ we got in an argument because of that ~~

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  • 2 months ago

    Gays are playing with the lives of children. Gays may be wonderful human beings. Their gay love may be sincere. But there is not enough research on gay parenting. The studies they cite with small sample sizes and other methodological problems are clearly biased in favor of the LGBT agenda. Other studies get canceled by the alphabet squad. You know about the cancel culture? Leftists are intolerant bullies.

    But some studies are scary-

    “Adult children of lesbian parents less likely to identify as straight, study finds

    They're "significantly more likely to report same-sex attraction, sexual minority identity, and same-sex experience" than the general population.”

    We will come to know about the disastrous results 30 years from now when the vast majority of the children raised by gay and lesbian couples won’t marry the opposite sex. The gay community will still say that is a wonderful thing.

    There is ample evidence (see, for example, David Popenoe’s Life Without Father) that children need both a male and female parent for proper development.

    The empirically verified common wisdom about the importance of a mother and father in a child’s development should give advocates of gay adoption pause. The differences between men and women extend beyond anatomy, so it is essential for a child to be nurtured by parents of both sexes if a child is to learn to function in a society made up of both sexes. Is it wise to have a social policy that encourages family arrangements that deny children such essentials? Gays cannot provide a set of parents that includes both a male and a female.

  • 2 months ago

    Yes duh do we do that to straights

  • Lili
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    2 months ago

    Studies have already been done.

    Guess what?

    No negative effects were found.

    One reason may be that gay, adoptive couples tend to be older, highly educated and successful, and it's always been known that the older, better-educated, and more successful the parents are, the better off their children tend to be. 

    That applies to the children of heterosexual couples too.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Such a study has already been done in Australia to see if allowing gays to adopt had any negative effects on the child.  The researchers actually ran a range of questions on both children brought up by gay parents and children brought up by straight parents and actually found the kids being brought up be gay parents slightly out performed the kids brought up by straight parents.

      Possibly this is because gay parents take parenting much more seriously as they feel the community is watching them.  Gay people do not molest their kids as many straights seem to think they would and seem to take a more interactive stance with their kids making sure the child has the best chance at life.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I would not say it would be homophobic as its a general curiosity of is their negative effects. Your reasoning is not malicious.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Studies, show the opposite!

  • 2 months ago

    Gay people and couples have been adopting, fostering and having children for as long as humans have been around.     

    Its just that you never notice it.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Its not homophobic to want things to be studied. Studies have been done and the vast majority show kids with gay parents are no worse off. See now we have proof. This is a good thing. 

    " the mother and father teach their child different things, which is important"

    Ask him what he thinks of single parents. A child does not need a mom and a dad. They need 1 or 2 loving parents.

    "the mother and father teach their child different things"

    My parents taught me nothing. Having a mom and a dad guarantees nothing. I learned everything I know from school, my grandpa and I taught myself.  

    "the child might get bullied"

    Maybe but this is not a good argument against it. Kids get bullied because of their parents all the time be it their parents looks, job, how wealthy they are etc. Punishing people that want to adopt and the kids that need loving homes is not the solution here. The solution is to teach kids not to bully and for schools to actually do something about it. 

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    It's not homophobic to want to further educate yourself. There are studies out there but I'm personally not sure where you'd find them. While I wouldn't necessarily use the word 'negative' when referring to the affects it has on children, I would definitely say there is a difference. There are certain things that children get from having both a mother and father figure. As your boyfriend said, mothers and fathers teach their children differently in specific ways. With same sex couples, there are things that the child won't be able to learn, or learn as effectively, without the opposite sex. You run into the problem of how you're going to be able to provide the proper models for them. And the same can be said for single parents raising children. That's not to say that single parents and same sex couples can't raise children effectively, but it's necessary in child development for children to have some sort of models on both the male and female sides, because males and females are biologically different.

    As to the child getting bullied, I don't think children of same sex couples have any more or any less of a chance of getting bullied compared to that of a child of a straight couple. If someone wants to bully you, they just will. They don't need a reason. Having parents of the same sex could be, however, seen as another way to be used to upset you, because it's typically not as common. I also suppose that there is always the possibility of the child being affected by their parents sexuality, but that's mostly due to the fact that children often mirror and are influenced by their parents. I would assume the likelihood of that is relatively low, but not impossible.

    I don't think we should deny same sex couples to adopt. It would be great to have a more broad array of methods to difficult life problems like raising children out there. The more things we can all figure out and solve together, the better. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There are studies and all you have to do is google it. The more interesting results are like this one out of the UK:

    Children born to same sex couples do better at school:

    You will find that there is little difference between households of same sex couples and heterosexual ones. Homosexuality seems to be a propensity at birth, and although most children born to a gay parent are still heterosexual, the percentage of gay is a little higher, especially in bisexuality. Gay kids of gay parents are still only in single digit percent (under 5%). Adopted shows a lower number around national at 2 to 3%. There could be an influence of acceptance also, where heterosexual couples allow their children freedom, those children will tell their feelings rather than hiding them.

    It is certainly better to have two parents rather than one, but parents that argue disrupt the family and kids. Happy gay couples are better for children than unhappy straight ones. 

    A study recently looked at no kids couples versus ones with children, and no kids on average were happier. They took a deeper dive to find out why. Parents with bonding and love for their children are very happy and parents that raise kids on discipline and compliance are least happy as a family.

    This would be the same in gay or straight. A loving family is a happy one with kids that grow up well. Single parents often don't have time to keep a bond with their children. But even a single gay parent is better than a fostering situation of temporary stays. In other words, one good parent, gay or straight, is better than no parents or arguing parents.

    2008 study: barriers to same-sex adoption hurt children.

    So, lets put it this way:

    The ideal family is married female mother and male father that love each other and with their biological children raised with involvement, respect of each other, love and caring and bonding, with no hitting or physical punishment. We can discuss perfect role models of mother and father but perfect is not available as even the standard anymore. You can't force this when less than half of children are born into married heterosexual parents. Less than half of the half have a relationship that fits the model. There are so many variations that we can say that even if imperfect, a loving gay couple is still better than average. Two working parents, heterosexual and now a norm, is enough to limit parents involvement, yet society can't afford otherwise now.  

    Restrict abortion and get more kids up for adoption. There are already too many children of non-white parents in the adoption pool and refugees of other countries. 


    It's an imperfect world, and trying to create one is futile. We can say gay parents are not significantly worse than a straight couple, especially after considering every other diverse household today. And what is best for children as a whole waiting to be adopted? Finding them a loving financially stable home is the goal. There are too many kids waiting to be adopted. Restricting gay couples is worse than allowing it. That's the bottom line. A single loving gay parent is better than no parents at all. Besides, straight white couples want white young healthy babies. Gay couples are more open to any child in need of a home. That is really the question to your boyfriend. Stop with the fantasy of every child getting into an ideal home and women not getting pregnant if they don't have the ability to raise a child in an ideal home. We don't have to debate what's perfect. We debate what is best  to do in the current world. 

    Sure, the studies are out there, and some Catholic web sites show that the perfect family is best. And? We agree on that. Now what?

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