How much should I spend on maintenance on my car?

So, in August of 2019 I bought a 2015 Ford Focus Titanium. It is ruby red and was, and still is, in immaculate condition. It looks like it rolled off of the show room floor. It even still has the new car smell in the leather. I have had almost no problems with this car. I bought it at 65,000 miles and now it has 90,000. The only problem i have had with this car is the shuddering it does when i accelerate from first to second gear. I took it into Zeck Ford and they said it was not the clutch (i already had that replaced), but the Adaptive Learning needed to be reprogrammed. I payed $130 for them to reprogram it and it drives much smoother than it did. However, when going uphill, it still has a very slight shudder. To replace the Adaptive Learning module would be just under $1000. Is it worth replacing? My car is currently at trade in value for $7500. I payed $8500 for the car last year (but only spent $4500 because i had a truck to trade in.) I have not had any other problems with this car but that one problem that just won’t seem to totally go away. Thank you for your help! 

*also to note, i am a broke college student who only pays $105 a month for the car. 

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    You mention it's not the clutch but then start talking about adaptive learning. Only automatic transmissions have adaptive learning. Adaptive learning doesn't need reprogramming. After the battery is disconnected and the battery cables are held together for 5 to 10 minutes the adaptive learned shift points are erased. Then when you drive the car the PCM will relearn your driving habits. A shudder could be coming from a torque converter or if you have a CVT transmission it may be the tranny itself causing the shudder. I'd have a drain and fill done to the ATF at the dealer so you have records on file of the tranny service. Something doesn't seem right with the BS the dealer is telling you so don't get talked into spending your money on "modules".

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    VERY SIMPLE! Get a $7 can of AMSOIL POWER FAOM and use it to clean your THROTTEL BODY and your IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVEE and run it through the PCV VALVE to clean the baked in TAR on your PISTON RINGS and TOPS! Replace your FUEL FILTER as THIS alone will cause that uphill hesitation! As GOOD as the FORD PLUGS ARE, DENSO TWIN TIP IRIDIUM LASER plugs can produce as much as THREE extra miles per gallon as they REACT with our modern LOW SULFUR fuel at the molecular level! EXPECT a LARGE billow of SMOKE emitted from the TAILPIIPE as the cleaners dig DEEPLY into the rings and expel the offending TARRY SLUDGE present on rings and in the inner workings of the ENGINE!>>>>NOW>><< Use only PENNZOIL ULTRA PLATINUM OIL and it will extend your warranty to 500,000 miles! Change it ONCE or TWICE a year using a HELGST FLEECE oil filter if you can find one! OR a MOBIL ONE SYNTHETIC FILTER! Most filters use only PAPER elements! You will spend about $100-150 on these changes but will save HUNDREDS a year on repair costs and extra fuel mileage. FORD NOW uses nearly ALL EUROPEAN technology in ALL their cars and SUVs! The FUSION is part MAZDA and the EDGE is half AUDI! This is BRILLIANT thinking! Even GM uses some SAAB engines and OPEL engines in many of their lineups and ALL are using ZF transmissions from GERMANY.  EXPECT 500,000 from your FORD< if you WANT IT! But using Pennzoil is the BEST WAY to keep that thing CLEAN inside with no varnish, sludge> tar> coke OR wax DEPOSITS ever! You will FEEL the difference with PENNZOIL and DENSO plugs for sure! KEEP a GOIN'!

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    Quote: "It is ruby red"

    Irrelevant. Please leave out the unnecessary chat.  

    So, you've driven 25,000 miles in the past 14 months? That's twice the national average and is also a lot of wear and tear that requires more frequent oil changes and other maintenance. If you want the car to last, drive less, and at least perform all of the recommended maintenance in the owners manual. 

    My question is how can a "broke college student" afford to buy the gas to drive that many miles? Truly broke college students walk, take the bus, car pool or or ride a bike.

    My guess is that you really aren't as broke as you claim, but do a lot of unnecessary driving and are frivolous with your (your parents) money. You should scale WAYYY  back on driving.

    Conclusion? FAIL

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