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American Passport?

I was born in England, I've always lived in England. My mother is English but my biological father is 100% American & he's lived there his entire life barring the 3 years he studied in this country (UK) they split when I was 2 years old & he moved back to America & I've not seen or heard from him in over 20 years. But I really want an American passport I have a Social Security number but a non permitted to work one. I am in contact with my step brother who is full American in his 20s & has never left America. Is it possible to get an American passport through my step brother without having to contact to biological father & without my mother in England knowing I'm applying I am over 18 years old. If it is possible what do I need to do & if it's not possible how simple would it be to get one through my biological father if I travelled over there next year 2021?

Thanks in advance for any replies x


My parents were married at the time of my birth!

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    Why don’t you get some help from They have been very helpful to others like you.

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    There isn't any "American" passport as supercontinents don't have passports.  They're just big chunks of land with (usually) a bunch of different countries on them.  If your father is American, you need 1st to figure out which of the 35 countries & 20 principalities of America he came from.  For at least a few of the jurisdictions here, you should have dual citizenship from birth.  Find the correct 

    jurisdiction & contact its immigration department for details.    

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    Short answer is no, your 'step' or half brother is no use to you at all ........... you will require as a minimum your birth certificate showing your American father and   a copy of your parents marriage certificate to prove your U.S. citizenship as without U.S. citizenship you can't get a US passport

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    One wonders if you've even checked yet to see if your foreign birth was registered with the US by your father. If he followed through on what was supposed to happen you're likely already a US citizen and can just order your US passport through a US Consulate in the UK. 

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    Your step brother cannot help. As you have a US father, you get citizenship through him, so can apply that way.

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    You must prove your father is indeed your biological father, and prove he was a US citizen at the time of your birth. If your parents were not married at the time, expect to need DNA testing all around. You don't get citizenship through a step-brother. Perhaps your step-brother can put you in touch with your father so you can get the documentation you need to prove you are a US-born citizen. Then you take that to the nearest US consulate to your home in UK to get your passport. If you are a US-citizen, and it would appear that you are, you can ONLY enter/exit US on your US passport. Penalties apply for failure to do so. So you're not going to US, then try to get US passport. Get it before you go.

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    No, you cannot get a US passport through your step brother, though your step brother can help you obtain documents like your father's birth certificate.  

    Important:  Did your parents register your birth with the US Consulate prior to your 18th birthday?  Unless the answer is Yes and you have a copy of it you will have to ask your mother.

    If your birth was registered then the CRBA is proof of US citizenship and it plus proof of identity is all you need to apply for a US passport 

    If your birth was not registered then you will need the cooperation of your father:

    Note that you need a copy of your parents' certificate of marriage. 

    Worst case is you apply for a Certificate of Citizenship, and it will be important that your step brother help you obtain documents proving your father was a US citizen at the time of your birth and that he had lived in the USA for most of his life.  This is a commercial site, but it has a good description of what is required.

    Good luck!.  

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