Period or pregnant?

So last month I had a 2 day light period, during this month I had some light pink discharge that only lasted a few hours. For the last week I've been have the feeling like my period is about to come....Im now 3 days late ( I'm never late) still with the feeling it's going to come, I've had symptoms cramps heavy lower tummy tender breasts and feeling nauseous randomly. I've taken a pregnancy test which came back negative. Is it possible to have a negative test and still be pregnant but too soon to test since conceiving? I'm not sure what's going on 

1 Answer

  • Jill
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    It is possible you tested too early but the hormone the test is looking for is what causes pregnancy symptoms - if the level is not high enough to register on the test then it's not high enough to cause pregnancy symptoms. The symptoms you describe are not exclusive to pregnancy anyway and neither is a late period. 

    Wait another week and if your period still doesn't arrive then test again. 

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