If I cut part of the display port on my gpu will I ruin it?

So I bought a used gpu of Aliexpress a while ago to add to my super old pc in order to have a little more gaming power. The card that I bought was a dual slot.

And unfortunately, only after it arrived, I realised that my pc had an inverted motherboard and the only place where i can mount the card is at the first slot, where I would need another slot above that one. I also bought an extension cable for it but I still can't mount it anywhere else. So what I want to ask is: If I just cut the display port at the second slot where there is a display port (there are 3 other ports on the first slot of the card) will the card still continue to work with the remaining ports?

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  • keerok
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    If that port you want to cut is connected to the card via a flat ribbon cable, then you can cut the backplate without problems. Unscrew the port first before cutting. There are pre-cut holes on the rear end of the CPU case where you can transfer the video port you just detached. 

  • 2 months ago

    Getting out the hacksaw are we?  Interesting.  The connector to the second level video port (not a "display port" but a "DVI-D port") might be connected with a flat cable to the video card board.  You might be able to take it off by trimming wires or desoldering, but I would suggest just unscrew the connector from the back plate and push it to one side.  The other ports should still be fine to use.

    If your problem is not enough exit slots in the case wall, but enough space inside the box, you might cut the box wall instead of hacking on the card.

    If that is a hard connection of some type to the video card board, not sure without a picture.

    When you cut or saw off the extra metal of the backplate, be sure any metal bits are not falling into the board electronics to cause shorts.

    Your "super old PC" might not have a heavy capacity PSU to run the card, or you might not get better performance from a very old CPU.

    I have several double slot wide cards (GTX 750, GTX 980, RX 580, GTX 1650) but I never had an issue with fit on motherboard or in the case.  I did get a long video card that covered all my SATA sockets so I couldn't put in any drives.  I put it in another box.

    Good luck.

  • Mike G
    Lv 7
    2 months ago


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