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I was wondering were the IRA the good guys, since some say they were defending their land from the Anglo- English ?

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  • Mark J
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    2 months ago
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    The origins of the IRA dating back to the early 1900's probably comes under the classificiation of 'good guys', in terms of their declared objective of achieving a separate state.

    The more modern 1960's on IRA, and their various schisms less so. They still wish to achieve liberation from the UK, by re uniting the 6 Northern Irish counties (that form Northern Ireland) with the Republic. However the modern IRA is driven by a Marxist agenda. It also has a significant criminal activity. Arguably they turned to such criminal activity to fund their 'operations' and their lifestyles. Terrorists or Freedom Fighters (depends on your perspective) often  get involved in other criminal activity to fund their objectives. This is especially true for the 1960's onwards IRA once their funds from The Iron Curtain Countries and their proxies dried up. Libya was a significant supplier of arms and funds.

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    2 months ago

    Ireland is now full of Nigerian and Pakistani trash and the IRA are silent

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    The IRA are criminal terrorists.  They are the agents of a religion that has kept the Irish people bound up in superstition and stupidity for hundreds of years.  The Irish need intelligent people like the British looking after them, so that they do not harm themselves.  After all, if it were not for the benevolent British, the Irish would not even know how to speak English.  I am glad to see that the Irish people are showing signs of coming out of their stupor.

    Prior to 1985, a man needed a prescription to buy a condom, and divorce was illegal until 1996, no matter how badly the Irish drunk beat his wife or forced himself on her.  Some might say there has been an overreaction, but now, the Irish permit same sex marriage and abortion.

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    Depends who you ask. The bastards tried to blow me up so I wouldn't consider them the good guys, alternatively a friend of mine (a Protestant from Belfast!) agrees with their cause if not their methods.

    Also, I'm guessing the 'alien people' that were imported refers to the Ulster Scots. These migrated / invaded Ulster as part of the plantation of Ulster at the invite of James VI/I - a Scottish king, not English, who had acquired the English throne. As the Scots were originally a Gaelic group from Ireland who had invaded Celtic Britain, maybe they were just going home?

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  • Anonymous
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    The English invaded Ireland and murdered men, women, children and the elderly for centuries. Elizabeth I and Cromwell attempted genocide in Ireland. The English then tried to use the Famine in another genocidal effort.

    The English also imported an alien people, concentrated them in Ulster and THEN they held a phony and rigged "election" so they could later pretend the "majority" supported  their murderous presence.

    The English should rule all of England. 

    The Irish should rule all of Ireland.

    The English should get the Hell OUT of Ireland and pay reparations for their centuries of crimes an terrorism committed against the Irish People - PERIOD.

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    Answers are enriching my knowledge

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    There are two points of view here. Yes, the IRA was trying to reclaim their 6 northern Irish counties, which is, on the surface, not an immoral desire; but were they correct in doing it by bombing, shooting or terrorizing their "enemies"?  That is left to speculation. The Irish probably don't think it was unnecessary to achieve their goals, but the rest of the world probably saw it a bit differently. Still--English oppression in Ireland was so entrenched and so difficult to overcome it was a war that lasted for 600 years. It didn't seem to get through to the English they weren't wanted in Ireland any other way--and that is probably what drove the IRA to use such tactics. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes, you are right. The English actually did the same what the Germans did to

    Poland in WW2. The only difference was that the English did it longer and started earlier: invading and oppression. Throughout history, the English have killed millions of Irish...a genocide

  • F
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    2 months ago

    No they were terrorists. White , Christian terrorists for those who think all terrorists are Muslim.

    And NOT freedom fighters, as most of the USA who provided their funding like to think.

    The Protestant majority in Northern Ireland did not want to be “ liberated” from the UK, abd be part of the Irish republic .

    Unfortunately for the USA and New York, in particular, they found out what terrorism was like in 2001.

  • garry
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    2 months ago

    are muslims good becauce they use violence to spread there religion , ira where terrorist , depends on the side your on .

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