Plumbing question no hot water in one shower?

Hello.   Water heater is new and has hot water.   All of the other faucets in home have hot water.   Shower does not have hot water only warm water in one of the bathrooms.   It’s a single handle shower and the cartridge is brand new.    What else could my problem be 

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    2 months ago

    Your temperature limiter is not adjusted properly.

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    If the sink in the same bathroom has hot water then it is the shower control.   Those single handle shower controls are a pain in the butt as they "error" towards the cold side.    You might look at thge shower head and make sure it is not plugged up.   Back pressure from a clogged head could in some cases be the problem.    If you take off the shower head and leave the bare pipe you can quickly see if its back pressure as you will get hot water.   In that case keep the head clean.   If that does not fix the problem then I would say it is the cartridge.   Try pushing in or pulling out on it.  Sometimes they regulate flow as well as temperature.  

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    2 months ago

    Cartridge was installed upside down, hot water line has a clog in it some where.

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