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Yahoo! Answers... less than 24 hours for a "Best Pick" seems to be  too  quick. Should Y!A stop this 1 hour limit?


Misunderstood?  I am meaning the minimum wait to select a proper answer should be 24 hours. To give people a chance to find and answer.  the question.

 It appears to me that biased askers select only the first answer they want, not necessarily the best. 

Maybe it should be the Yahoo! picks the one with the most Thumbs up at 24 hrs, and after 24 hours the poser may select best.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago
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    Of course they should, but americans are impatient. they prefer having a quick answer over a correct one from someone in a different timezone

  • .
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    3 months ago

    ANYONE posting a question may wait as long as they choose before selecting an FA, so if they feel they have the answer they were seeking (or they don't want to wait and just want to get their points for selecting FA), they are free to select an FA after 1 hour. It increases the chances that an FA will be selected at all, as the longer OPs have to wait to select one, the increased chance they won't bother to return to their question at a later time and make a selection. 


    If you want YA to change how something is done here, make your suggestion in the feedback forum here THAT is where someone working for Yahoo will see it and can determine if it's appropriate to take action or not. Posting here changes nothing, and asking what we think YA should or shouldn't do, is actually just chat (a violation). 

  • Daniel
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    3 months ago

    No they should not its up to the Asker if they feel that they got the Answer that they needed and there Ready to Pick it they should be able to 

    People can still Answer the Question After the Best Answer has been Picked 

  • LAN
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    3 months ago

    No one is forced to pick one at any time at all.   You must be a liberal if you want every possible aspect of your life regimented and controlled by others.

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  • 3 months ago

    You have totally misinterpreted that. You have?to wait at least one hour until you can choose a best/favorite?l answer, but there?is NO 24 hour limit.There NEVER has?been. You could choose best answer 2 months or 2 years later or never.

    The thumbed down just proves my points. Apparently you have a reality gap, can't handle factual truth or live on Earth 2 along with Trump and his paranoid brainwashed cult. 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    No big deal. Checking back; very few questions that I answer ever get a best answer pick, anyway.

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