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My dog is nursing but she's mostly eating dog chew sticks,is that ok?

My dog's nursing her 2 week old pups,she has one good meal of puppy kibble and eggs,but the rest of the day she's only wolfing down dog chews and water.Before the litter was born too she didn't eat much,but can she/the pups suffer from deficiencies, and can too many chews(about 5 a day) be harmful for her?thanks


I place other foods in front of her twice or thrice a day,but she only eats the chews.

Update 2:

@bluebonnet:No,she's actually a rescue dog.

Update 3:

@Kepler:She was pregnant when I took her in.Thanks for your advice,I'll try the free feeding and check with the vet in 2 days.

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    Why are you breeding from a rescue dog or did you take her on that way? I thought most rescue's de-sexed dogs before they homed them. Stop giving her the chews. No the puppies won't suffer from her eating the chews but it's not ideal for her to produce good quantities of milk. But puppies like all mammalian animals including humans are like a parasite inside of us so the puppies will get all the nutrition they need in preference over the mother. Now you need her to produce plenty of milk. If you are feeding kibble maybe you could leave a bowl down so she can free-feed. And maybe you need her to have a vet check. In a week you could start to introduce those pups to some food is you think Mom is not producing enough milk.

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    No dog who is pregnant or who has now whelped, should be eating dog chew stix - AT ALL!  They are something between junk food and utter CR@P!  STOP FEEDING THEM and only offer her HIGH QUALITY puppy food to mom.  She will eat it, if she has no other option.  You can soak it in warm water and/or add some canned.  

    She should have been getting EXTRA calories from week 5 of her pregnancy ONWARD.  Puppy food is carefully balanced for her needs (esp milk production) & THEIR GROWTH unlike the junkie chew stix.

    She cannot get enough nutrition, from that CR@P - so the puppies have already suffered (have not gotten enough high value nutrients & calories for final growth & bones) and are continuing to suffer and so is she - since they will STEAL or leach the nutrition they need - from her.  She may suffer milk fever or eclampsia - which can be life-threatening, due to you providing poor nutrition.

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    She can't eat chews if you don't give her chews.

    What did the Vet say when he checked the newborn puppies and the mother?  Are they healthy?  And your breeding coach?  What did he/she say?

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    Has she seen a Vet since she got pregnant?  What she is eating is not enough.  Something is wrong with her cause she needs to nurse those pups & she is not getting what she needs to do that.  The pups will suffer severely cause mom is not getting all the nutrients she needs.  

    You BYBers breed your pets & expect everything to go smoothly but it usually doesn't.  Your ignorance about what you are doing will harm the mom & her pups.  She needs to see a Vet.  The pups should have seen a Vet within 24 hours after birth.  Why didn't you educate yourself about dog breeding long before you ever bred your pet.

    Take mama & her pups in to see a Vet as soon as possible.  Something is wrong with mama & that will effect the pups.  & it is illegal to sell sick pups.

    Many times you BYBers loose the mama & are suck with feeding the puppies.  You don't want her to die before the pups get new homes.

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    Feeding your dog junk chews of course will affect her and the pups

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