What was your worse job? How did you escape?

So a few years ago I worked in a public sector organisation.

The manager who hired me offered me a post then said she had offered me a different post which was career graded.

This means that even tho the entry job is for anyone because everyone is qualified they won't pay me the actual salary of £19.5k they'll pay a salary of £17k.

I spent 3 years on the salary before I started speaking out to other staff members, this put pressure on the manager and then instead of doing the regular 6 month meetings they created a 2 year plan for me to achieve my full pay.

This was my first ever job so I was really hesitant about leaving, they belittled me in the office, game me huge workloads and spammed me with texts/calls when I was sick or on AL. I never felt comfortable booking AL and never had a regular meetings with a manager besides the 6 month career grade ones.

Eventually after 3 years it hit me and I started to apply for other jobs within the same company, when my manager found out she gave me a warning which would show on my record every time I applied for a job, this put employers off.

Then after 4 years of working with this company I was dragged into a meeting and told to leave, I was being fired for being too ill to work however would only find out about this after being fired.

I did take them to court and won but the person who fired me causes just as much misery as before, nothing has changed she still employs people for minimum wage. 

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    @Anonymous users XD

    Firstly the question is clear, if you can't understand it please leave.

    Says right there "What was your worst Job, How did you escape?" that's the question, if you can't answer it then leave.

    "You were horribly unprofessional and deserved to be fired."

    I was wrongly dismissed, I took them to court and won so you're wrong about being fired.

    Also I never explained anything about my role, so how can you say I'm unprofessional without knowing anything about me or my job in the first place.

    Please avoid answering questions on Yahoo answers if all your answers are negative and not coherent with the actual question.

    "What was your worst job, How did you escape?" - Plain English, I'm sorry you couldn't find the question perhaps open your eyes next time?

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    You can stop showing up to "escape" any job.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Worse than what?

    Are you trying to ask about someone's WORST job?

    English.  It's a thing.

    "I spent 3 years on the salary before I started speaking out to other staff members, this put pressure on the manager"

    You were horribly unprofessional and deserved to be fired. 

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