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Is the fuss and hype about EV stocks go bust like the dot com bubble ? ?

1. buyers of EV are stupid because there are no infrastructure for charging the vehicle.

2. 1 or 2 cars can be charge at home.

3. imagine a huge fleet might require more load by building more power station.

4. if you drive out to rural areas, there might not be facilities to charge. 

5. i can only imagine the battery reduced it performance after 3 yrs, just like stupid phones, they need new batteries which may cost 10% of the depreciated asset. 

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    Electric vehicles have enough range to work for urban commuting. That alone is enough is practical enough for early adopters. EV stocks are overvalued for what they are, but EVs aren't going anywhere. The main limitation are the batteries. A lot of parts can be eliminated when compared to ICE cars.    

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    Just saying - I have owned two electric cars over a period of six years and I have never charged either one away from home.  If I need to travel all day I just take the minivan which only has 20000 miles on it since we never drive it.  If charged correctly the batteries will barely degrade over time. 

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    I feel so stupid.

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    3 months ago

    What is EV???????????

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