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will there be a fatal crash of the Airbus A350 in the future?

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    It has a probability of occurring, given the number of airplane in service (391), and those currently in order and still to be delivered (more than 500).

    Will it be the result of design flaw? Extremely unlikely. The plane is a clean sheet design that does not carry over compromises from earlier variant.Will it be the result of weather condition? Possible. Storms are getting worse and worse due to climatic changes.Will it be the result of improper maintenance? Possible. Maintenance is performed by fallible humans.Will it be the result of pilot error? Quite possible. Humans are still the weakest link.For the record, the future extends from now until forever. Since the plane is currently in production, has a 7 years backlog, that jetliner typically have a 25 year service life; even if no new orders were filed, A350 will be flying at least until 2052.

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    Whether it does or not, the odds are pretty much the same as for any other totally modern Boeing model, and rather less than for older Boeing designs using older technologies, but even then the real-life difference in risk will be negligible.

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    Ask at a later time. 

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    --Like most, that plane has millions of parts.  Some have shorter useful life than others, should be replaced regularly if proper maintenance is done.  Sometimes it is not done.

    --Controls are highly automated, but pilots can override that.  Human error is always possible.

    --Terror attack from outside or inside plane is possible, but slimmer chance now.

    --There are things in sky that are not predictable--other planes, birds, hail, lightning could cause a crash.

    --Bad weather or mistakes at airports have caused crashes, no clear way to prevent all accidents there.

    Those are just a few ideas about fatal crash possibilities of any aircraft.  I am sure there are lots more.

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    As long as they still fly, you can't rule it out.

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    I hope not....

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