I think I have a groin strain? Please help?

I’m not what I have done to my right leg, Two weeks ago I was on a walk and I got my leg stuck in some mud and I pulled it out and I heard a click then later that night I was sat cross-legged and I moved my leg and it was like I pulled something and it really hurt but ever since then I  have a sharp pain in my upper inner thigh. Every time I raise my knee or go to walk up the stairs it really hurts and it’s been hurting for about two weeks now! normally I go for really long walks but I can’t do that because it really hurts.... what what should I do in the meantime should I take myself to the doctors should I be stretching it or Exercise can I do while it heals, is it even going to heal? How long will it take to get better? 


I’m female

Age 21 

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  • 2 months ago
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    From your description I would say you have pulled a muscle and/or tendon. It takes a few weeks but if that is the case it will heal on its own. Let it rest so that anything that is pulled can reattach and heal. 

    You would get better advice from a doctor though. 

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