Naruto Vs One Piece?

who is the superior anime, i say naruto because it was my childhood

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  • 2 months ago
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    I like Naruto better because it feels more grounded, and the action and supernatural and story all flow logically from the world's 'rules'.  Everything that happens in that show flows logically (once the bits of backstory are explained) from one event to another.  Naruto's powers develop through hard work and are natural growths of his core talents with the shadow-clones and his giant chakra pool due to Kurama.  Mind you, Naruto's closing story arc, the 4th Shinobi War, was terrible.

    Whereas One Piece is basically 'what kind of whacky shiite can we make up in this story arc'.  There's no grounding to the powers, it's just super-fruits and you're not supposed to think about it.  Luffy's various powers and gears have little to no relationship to his actual core power.  The story is just them going from spot to spot and battling enemies that are usually one-offs.  Though some recur later, they seldom are particularly meaningful, and the long term 'plot' feels more like the lightweight outline of a video game than the epic that Naruto had going.

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