Danish question?  Thank you very much?

Could someone please kindly tell me what RSIOC Ø stands for?  I tried to google it but got no result.  I only know that it is a center with a focus on terrorism. Thank you very much in advance!

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    2 months ago
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    from Danish, the final part of a sentence:  "...politistationen i Aarhus C, der fremover skal huse det nybyggede RSIOC V (Regionalt Situations- og Operationscenter Vest)., which means ".... the police station in Aarhus Downtown, which in the future will house the newly built RSIOC V (Regional Situation- and Operations-Center West)."  The O with the forward slash through it in Danish is going to (and does in the next paragraph) stand for East (as contrasted with West), as it so often does in Danish.  Ø ...Øst.   But perhaps your software will pop right up for   https://www.beredskabsinfo.dk/politi/politiet-faar... when that page is displayed and offer a full English translation. My software offered that. (The www.beredskapsinfo.dk part of it means 'www.preparedness-info.dk/Denmark/, by the way). 

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