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Why is it so hard to be happy in USA?

90% of jobs make people miserable. 

There really isn't a lot to be happy 

about once youre an adult. Agreed?

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    The jobs are making people miserable because the pay isn't hardly enough to live on. It's like modern day communism.

    Higher cost of living, because of higher taxes, because the rich are living in a nanny state. Everyone else pays for that with unhappiness, inflation, sick and homeless people everywhere

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    2 months ago

    Only if you don't belong here . . . .

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    I live in the UK and I was born here and love it but not sure about USA because I never visited yet. However my relatives over there say they love it

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    Everyone thinks they need to change the outer world to be happy. 

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    2 months ago

    The way around this; is to obtain training so you're qualified to work in a field you find interesting or appealing. 

    It's often about perspective too. Imagine having to work hard on a banana plantation all day for a pittance. 

    Perhaps it could even be worse than that and you have to work underground in a coal or salt mine for scrip. The scrip can only be used at the company store and pays just enough for you to receive meagre food and lodgings. Hence those poor people can never escape their life of misery and drudgery.

    The point is we have opportunity to change our lives for the better, whereas people of many foreign nations are stuck with their lot in life until the day they die. Truthfully it can be difficult to retrain, yet not impossible. The prospect is at least worthy of consideration.

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    2 months ago

    The Democrat Party wants to make us all poor.

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