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work hours as a 16 year old?

i want to get a job. im 16 and can drive myself to work. i read online that on non school weeks you can work 8 hours a day, but on school days its 3, but im homeschooled. so since im homeschooled could i work the 8 hour days? im trying to make as much money as i can before im 18 so i can move out asap. i live in houston texas area usa. any info would help!


thanks for all the help! i am not gonna stay here as long as possible because im moving out with a friend. my area is not a good place for me so i am still moving out and moving to a cheap place. i have been saving money since i was 6 so i have a lot of savings and my parents will give me some money. all the details are worked out i just needed to know how long i can work.

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    2 months ago
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    no, it's still considered to be a school day, so 3 hours.

  • 2 months ago

    No - the law applies to how old you are, not whether you are in one school or not.  And I would advise staying home as much as you can because you don't know just how many expenses there are to live on your own. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Not 8 hours except weekends. And getting hired during a pandemic will be hard because so many adults need work. Did not used to be 3 hours on school nights either as I would work a guy 4 hours on thursday nights but that was 30 years ago.

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