Nothing suspicious on computer. Yet Chrome keeps showing malicious websites on my searches.?

its never really been an issue since i have Malwarebytes premium, Ad blocker plus, and browser guard keeping me safe whenever i click on something i shouldnt have.

But ive noticed lately (past few months)  that any search i bring up on google chrome.  half the web links on the first page brings me to a malicious website. Malwarebytes automatically blocks me from entering the site telling me its malicous.  However its becoming an increased frequency and its very annoying that these websites are there in the first place.  It wasnt like this last year. Last year it wasnt until i got into the website, that it would show pop ups blocked and suspicious activity being blocked.

Now adays its RIGHT on chrome search all the time. Ive scanned multiple times.  used google chromes "reset and clean up" option that tries to find unwanted programs on my computer. I also use Ccleaner regulary.  Which removes any unwanted data and cleans my computer automatically.

So what am i missing?  how do i remove all these ads and sketchy website links off my google chrome searches?

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