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Catastrophic Health Insurance Plan?

Hello can someone give me an example of catastrophic plan? 

Is it like when I go to the doctors to do check up I have to pay whatever it cost out of pocket unless the cost goes over the amount they listed then the Insurance starts paying. So the plan covers only when my medical bill is higher than whatever they set it as but otherwise everything else I have to pay out of pocket. When I was under my parents health insurance I did not use it a lot because I dont get sick or have any medical problems but I do check ups every once in awhile ( maybe like twice a year ). 

Also if you could give me an example of other type of Insurance example like Bronze, Etc.

I do know that catastrophic plans  monthly are cheaper than other plan but out of pocket is more.

Thank You

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    The two answers below are correct.  The term catastrophic health coverage means that you are insured for catastrophic events - such as cancer, heart attack, multiple bone fractures etc. 

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    Its essentially no insurance unless you spend a very large amount in a single year, then you are covered. Mine thru the government is like $7350. Private plans Im told sell even larger deductible ones. I have a friend who has like a $50k plan.

    The only thing mine pays for is a flu shot. Everything else is out of pocket because I have never spent $7000+.

    I am nearly 60. So while mine may not be called catastrophic it is. Mine is a bronze plan.

    Better insurance is available for me but I've done the math and the higher prices do not make sense.

    I save nothing on Dr visits but scripts are a bit less. Maybe 20% versus being non insured. But everything I take is generic so not much savings.

    Its only designed to keep from losing everything from a long hospital stay.

    One of these years I will probably have a heart attack. And if it happens near the end of the year, I could wrack up $7300 in one year and $7300 the next. So effectively $14,600 in a span of a month. But everything over that would be covered.

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