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What would you if they did this to you?

One day I received a random call from the principal of the school I used to work at, offering me the job back as a Spanish teacher, being there he told me to apply for daycare for my daughter, while I was waiting on the gov response he came to me and said I could not work without a license anymore like I did last year, so I found out everything I needed to do in order to get one, and I needed my transcripts to be evaluated and then go to the department of edu so they can proceed to issue me one, but except that my transcripts came from Mex. so they needed to go through professional translators, but I asked the district if there was going to be a problem because my transcripts don't say Spanish, even though it was part of the classes I took, because I studied foreign languages and English is one of them, Spanish is my first so he said that wasn't a problem. It took me months to get the money I had to borrow even from the principal's wife to pay translators, evaluators, etc, so that the department of edu said we can't issue it because it doesn't say Spanish, but we can issue you another kind, so I working on what it takes, and keeping the principal updated and he didn't tell me he already hired someone else, and now I am 500 in debt thanks to him. Because he didn't even bother to find out what it takes to hire his own people, I am so mad and frustrated and I wanna stand on my own.

What would you say to guy like that?


foofa in order for me to obtain a license I need to be hired I don't need to study spanish which is what it takes since I am Mexican

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    I forgive you .........

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    This isn't the only school in the world and if you're interested in teaching you'd have needed that license anyway. So I wouldn't be too vexed. Just go apply at a different school. 

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