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In the movie Bones (2001) starring Snoop Dogg and Clifton Powell, what exactly IS the City of the Dead?

Is it a cinematic equivalent to the Hell depicted in the traditional Abrahamic faiths such as Christianity? Is it a cinematic equivalent to Hades, the realm of the Dead which acts as an interdimensional gateway to the Greek Mythological equivalents to Heaven and Hell (which are Elysium and Tartarus, respectively), much like Purgatory from Catholicism? Is it a plane of existence that serves as some sort of limbo for souls desperately seeking reparation, rest or reunion with their loved ones for all eternity? Or, is it the equivalent to the spirit world so often depicted in the Japanese Mythos and Popular Culture, which also often features themes of vengeance from beyond the grave, grave injustices done to good/innocent/righteous people before they die, and those very same individuals transforming into powerful, malevolent supernatural forces upon dying from such horrifying circumstances.

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