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Anime Fans, is there a disparity?

ive been watching anime since i was possibly 3, with my first anime being DBZ, Naruto, one piece, bobobobobbobobbo, bleach and so forth on Toonami back in 2001 maybe earlier and then even watching the funimation channel on verizon and catching up shows like bamboo blade, black cat, sengoku basara, chrome shelled regios, blue gender, and more. 

my question is, do any of you older otaku feel like a lot of new anime fans focus a lot more on the main stream animes that come out? unlike before when most fans seem to have been more in-depth viewing of anime and its the stories? it seems like anime has become so normalized and standard, and now just such a normal thing that every anime that becomes main stream immediately washes over anything else that would be interesting. kinda how some animes like jormungandr are easily forgotten just like attack on titan has a new season? 

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  • Raditz
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    2 months ago

    lol, it was no difference back in the old days, where everyone was also talking the mainstream shows like 24/7.

    During those days, most people were talking about the "holy trinity", which was Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. Every single anime forums were talking about these 3 shows, and nothing else matters.

    Same goes like today, where most people were talking about Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, or My Hero Academia, since these shows were currently the new "holy trinity" of anime.

    So yeah, I honestly don't see any difference between "old" and "new" generations of anime fans, since both of them were the same...

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