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overdosed / greened out on an edible? is it dangerous?

lol hear me out, i know you cant DIE from 'weed OD', but are the symptoms i experienced ok?

im 21F, 5 foot, and i smoke Maybe once every few months, as a special thing. so im definitely sensitive to weed compared to other people and know i need a lot less. ive had small dose edibles before and they were stronger than smoking, but i handled them fine. 

last night, my friend made some edibles for us (my other roomies are all hardcore stoners), and i trust this dude so I personally dont think he laced it with anything. but i think he screwed up the dosage majorly. really, none of us even know what the dose Was, he said he did some trick with weed and everclear or smth till it was this black goopy substance, and put it in the cookie dough. i only took 1/4 of a serving, and ive never felt so close to death. we ALL felt like that. 

i was /catatonic/, my whole body went numb and fuzzy, yet there was this sensation of a vice grip in my throat till it hurt to swallow. then i started VIOLENTLY vomiting. i did this, every ten minutes, for /Five Hours/. till nothing was coming up anymore. i couldnt move and just threw up on the carpet next to my desk, over and over for hours. at some point i started twitching and Convulsing so bad i thought i was actually gonna go into a seizure. nothing could snap us out of that. only a nights sleep brought me down.

does that sound reasonably like a 'thc overdose' and if so can that be dangerous? should i go to the er if that ever happens again?


also want to add; i didnt know how he made them before i took it, just assumed it was cannabis butter or else i wouldnt have taken it probably, and i did try to drink water as much as i could before, During, and after this experience

Update 2:

so we talked to the guy and did some better math and. . . we're pretty sure the cookies were dosed around 300mg per cookie. meaning even just the little quarter i had was at least 75mg. hes a madman 

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    It sounds like you were really lucky.

    And you should stop believing that you can't die of a weed od.

    It's very rare to die of a weed od, but not impossible.

    Next time call an ambulance. 

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