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Why did my dead grandfather appear in my dream.?

My grandfather died in 2006, when I was 8 years old. I believe I had some dreams about him around that time. But he hasn't appeared in my dreams since I was a child and I'm in my twenties now. My mother died this August. I tried to have a visitation dream with her but I never did. Then, just the other day, he appeared in a dream. But there was nothing emotional or extraordinary about it. I can't even make out the details well. I was looking for something in the basement, looking for photo albums. And he was giving me instructions on where to look. There was nothing significant about the photo either. I think it was just a picture of him and my grandmom. It didn't even really hit me when I woke up in the morning. It wasn't until that evening that I appreciated how strange it was. I haven't even seen a picture of him in months and of course I haven't seen him in person in over 10 years. His image was very vivid. And I remember not being struck by seeing him while I was dreaming. It felt natural and routine for him to be there. Just trying to figure out why he'd appear in my dream after all this time. It doesn't match the description of visitation dreams I've heard about.

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    ,One death reminded you of the other death, so it was quite normal to connect the dots.  Your grandfather was dear to you as you lost him when you were quite young.  My condolences on the death of your mother this August.  As I mentioned, her death brought up memories of your grandfather who died when you were 8 years old.  Sorrow and grief are intertwined in your dream as they are also related in real Life.

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    Dreams about dead grandfather usually reveal your grief and sadness because of his departure and the fact that you still didn't come to terms with his death. You possibly still miss your grandfather and you cannot believe that he is gone forever

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    The dead cannot come back and visit you. If it was true, Houdini would have done it as he promised his wife.

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